Environment Management System Internal Auditor Course

Internal audits are the most valuable and may be a one of the most effective tools for measurement and monitoring of your management system performance. It is not a matter of weather you are dealing with environmental management or any other, internal audits are the way to ensure and assure the effectiveness. Our 2 days internal audit course is designed with accelerated learning techniques and designed for the delegates to get more benefit and skills to audit an environment management system.
The aim of this course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to perform an internal audit of part of an environmental management system based on ISO 14001 (or equivalent) and report on the effective implementation and maintenance of the management system in accordance with ISO 19011.
Course Program
Purpose & Benefits Of Environmental Management System, Environment management and interrelation with the system, Terms and definitions used in environmental management, Environmental legislation and compliance, Analysis of ISO 14001:2015 requirements, ISO 14001:2015 Documentation and Record Requirements, Environment management Policy, Environmental aspects review, Assessing environmental aspects and identifying significant impacts, Objectives and Targets, Operational Controls, Emergency and preparedness, Monitoring, Measurement And Analysis, Improvement

What You Will Get?
By Attending this course you will be able to:
Terms and Terminology Used in Environment and Auditing, Management Systems & Improvement, PDCA Cycle & Environment Management System, Audit Types & Objectives & ISO 14001 Requirements, Audit Process & Auditor Responsibilities, Pre Audit Activities, Internal Audit Planning, Preparation of Check lists, Conducting Internal Audit & Questioning, Opening Meeting, Nonconformity Evaluation, Closing Meeting, Nonconformity Reporting, Internal Audit Reporting, Corrective Action & Follow Up.

Who Should Attend?
Environment management system internal audit course is suitable for those who have roles on internal audits of an organization. The audit managers, supervisors, auditors and even the process managers and owners will get benefit from the course. This course is also useful for those who want to move on the auditing job and add a footprint in their carrier. This course is also suitable for those who have responsibility for the second party or the subcontractor audits.

Pre-Course Requirement?
This course will benefit you best with your initial knowledge about;
a) Management systems
* Knowledge of environmental management systems and the requirements of ISO 14001 which may be gained by completing an IRCA certified EMS Foundation training course
b) Environmental management
* The concept of environmental sustainable development whereby an organisation must ensure that actions of today do not degrade the environment of the future.
* The purpose of an initial review as the basis for establishing an environmental management system where none currently exists.
* Evaluation of activities, products and services in order to establish the environmental aspects associated with normal operating conditions, abnormal conditions such as start up and shut down and emergency situations and accidents.
* Considerations of environmental aspects with respect to;
– Emission to air, release to water and release to land
– Use of raw materials, natural resources and energy
– Energy emitted and lost e.g. heat, radiation, vibration, steam, and compressed air.
– Public nuisance such as light pollution, noise, and odour
* Environmental legislation and how legal compliance forms part of an environmental management system.
* Typical methods for evaluation of the significant impacts of the environmental aspects identified and how their ranking influences operational control and priorities for improvement.

Which Course After This?
After attending this course you might attend lead auditor, or conversion lead auditor courses