Laboratory Quality Management System Courses

Managing the Quality in any laboratory, testing or calibration or even medical, is like managing the Quality in any organisation, but needs more understanding of best practices and Good Laboratory Practices.

Testing, is everywhere in our life. We always need to test something and more importantly we decide according to the testing results. So the integrity of these results have big influences in our life.

Understanding and auditing the quality management system requirements that are relevant for testing and calibration services and technical competence.

Growth in the use of management systems has increased the need to ensure that laboratories can operate a quality management system that is seen as compliant with ISO 9001 as well as demonstrate technical competency. Therefore, ISO 17025 has been designed to incorporate all the ISO 9001 requirements that are relevant to the scope of testing and calibration services, as well as specifying the technical requirements for technical competence.

In partnership with Esenek Training Centre, we deliver a range of courses on the Laboratory Management. This changing from the overview and foundation of the Laboratory Management systems, to the internal auditor courses. We can also develop courses specifically for your organizational needs.

Laboratory Quality Management System (ISO/IEC 17025) Foundation Course

Laboratory Quality Management System (ISO/IEC 17025) Internal Auditor Course (CQI & IRCA Certified Course ID:17605)